• Campaign 8th of March International Women's Day
  • Campaign 25th of November the International Day for the Elimination of violence against women


  • Workshop Fighting Sexual Harrasment
  • Network Event A Woman’s Career Empowerment has never been done
  • Orientation Day


  • Conference Gender and Exile - Syrian Women and LGBTI Refugees in the Middle East
  • Conference Law and Gender
  • Workshop Fighting Sexual Harrasment
  • Conference Women in Civil Law
  • Conference Necessity is the Mother of Intervention
  • Conference CIND - Women
  • Conference Approaches to Feminist in Law and Queer
  • Conference Dislodging the Binary between Universal Human Rights and Culture: A South/North Perspective.
  • Conference Female Genealogy and a Bodily Metaphorics of Unsettlement in South African Artist Leora Farber’s Dis-Location/ Re-Location.
  • Conference As a safeguard measure “examination of the woman’s body, taking body samples and genital examinations crime”
  • Conference Gender and Representation on Turkish TV